The variety of GSM features that are used for security

In the new era also new trends arrive into market of alarm system. GSM alarm system is one such new product with many features that overtake competition. GSM as a technology can be used in many different ways. GSM is only a medium from which alarm systems alerts can be transferred to costumer. In this category also many other products is synchronized with GSM. So the basic unit is GSM alarm communicators that can be connected to other intrusion systems. Communicators control system is designed to ensure low-cost, high-speed and reliable alarm communication.

GSM technology could be also used to remote control gate. So remote control devices are programmable up to 200 phone numbers. When an authorized user calls the nominated phone number of the remote controller this will open gate. GSM alarm system could be connected to other kind of communicators, remote controllers and other accessories. Also you could connect door phone unit to your GSM. Callers from a mobile or land line, you or your family, employees and visitors can access your property at any time reducing risks while waiting at gates as they open.

GSM alarm system can be upgraded with other alarm detectors. So accessories that can be connoted are outdoor motion detector crow daredevil, digital PIR detector, Pet-immune sensor, PIR and Microwave detector, warless receiver and so on. More information about GSM alarm system and other GSM technology accessories can be find here.


  1. The control system is designed to ensure low-cost, high-speed and reliable for their customers.

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