How to protect person with Alzheimer’s disease

Where you ever forced to deal with some hard news about person you loved the most you should consider what to do to protect them. If you are confronted with situation that your parents suffering by Alzheimer’s disease than you will realize that is important that you always know where they are. At Alzheimer’s disease people loose orientation and start forgetting things. If disease is in first stage people with disease is probably situated at home. Personal GPS tracker is one of the solutions that can protect your loved ones; you will know person’s location at any moment.

Personal GPS tracker is solutions that was engineered and designed in Slovenian plant Gorenje. GPS Tracker it was built with disabled ones in mind. It is small device that it could be carried around your neck in your pocket. It has three major buttons where emergency button is the largest one. Why are so important to know where patient is? For example one of main characteristic of Alzheimer’s disease is lose of balance and lose of memory. For old person it is crucial that receive help in matter of seconds because some falls could be even fatal. Personal GPS tracker is build in such way that in matter of second inform you that something happen.

How solutions work? Personal GPS tracker has own SIM card that in case of emergency send text massage to email of primary contact at his GSM as text massage. System works like other GPS tracker devices. Through computer you could monitor positions of person you loved most. This device can be used for small children, motional disabled people, old people, people with special need, the ill and for pets. Personal GPS tracker can be connected to five different phone numbers.

Find out how to give yourself peace of mind and how to protect the people you care about most.

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